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I missed wishing you all the well wishes of the past few months, but you know what? I’m back! I’m back with a few little tricks in my pocket. Same message but coming back STRONG. Back with some folks who have been embracing a whole lot of the “get-up-and-go” mentality and are KILLING it these days! What am I talking about? Well for those of you who didn’t follow me before, let me bring you up to speed.

I am a STRONG believer in making life happen for YOU with the tools that God has given you. Using ALL that you got to get to where you going. It’s like being in a race. You are at the starting blocks. You hear that gun go off.  And you take off. You take off with all your might, using every fiber in you, with only the finish line in your view. Not the person to your right, and not the person to your left. But the goal of the finish line in your view.

That is what we are about here. Using your God given talent’s, abilities, skills, characteristics, and whatever it may be to bring joy to someone else’s life.

I’m telling you people. I have some people who have been investing time into their talents. People who have held on despite some setbacks. And they are bringing it!Bringing it with a purpose!

I can hear some of ya’ll saying, “well what do I want to know about someone else’s success for? That is just shoving it in my face.” Well actually no it is not. It’s proving that if you take what you have, and put it in action towards your goals, God will take care of the rest. The purpose of this is to give you inspiration to move forward with those dreams and hopes that you have been putting up on the shelf. And we are all here to help you move towards that mark.

I will be sharing some helpful tips about getting started from right where you are. No matter what your goals are. No matter your income. And no matter the resources that you have. We are going to make it happen for you! 🙂

SOOOO, this week we are starting off with a BIG BANG and I hope that you would join me in sharing the good news of what God has done in some of our lives.


Kimberly Renay

*Hello people!*

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*My place of solitude. Edited pic of Piedmont Park*


Who is J.O.L?

It’s another talent people, and I am happy to announce the talents of a cool cat from around the way *I have always wanted to say that! LOL* Seriously, this guy has been around for a long time in the Atlanta area. He is very talented and tends to keep it 100% ALL THE TIME. He can EASILY be found in many of the underground Hip-Hop spots around Atlanta, which I absolutely love. Think of a stage, low lights, a tight beat with a hot verse, a crowd that understands creativity, and a mic that is waiting to be ‘spit’ into, this is his home. J.O.L., or better known as JAWZ OF LIFE, is a phenomenal artist that takes his gift seriously, here is what he had to say:


*Jawz of Life!!*

Kimberly Renay: Who is J.O.L. (Jawz of Life)? 

J.O.L: Jawz of Life is a positive emcee, entertainer, host , Vice President of the BMC company based out of Los Angeles, Cali. A native of Decatur, Ga.

Kimberly Renay: So how did you end up with the name Jawz of Life?

J.O.L.: The name derived from the emergency “jaws of life ” used to bring people out of  tragic car accidents..I figured I’d use my “jawz” to do the same lyrical….*laughs*…Musically Jawz is a part of many different crews : Dungeon Family, The 5ive, IMA , and my newest group Passport.

*Jawz of Life*

Kimberly Renay: So I see that you have many groups that you are apart of across ATL, what inspired you in the beginning to become an artist?

J.O.L.: The inspirations vary from J.Lee , a collegemate at Alcorn State University, to Andre 3000, Common, Black Thought of the Roots and Jay-Z …and many more too many to name *lol*

Kimberly Renay: Did you just say Common and Black Thought?! Common is my first love…*heeeey boo! Smiling*  So speaking of all of these artist, which artist would you like to go into a head to head battle with? 

J.O.L.:   I’ve never claim to be a “Battle” emcee however I’ve never lost a battle that I was in *laughs*..but I’d have to say I would always wonder if Jay came at me how would I respond…I love challenges so that would actually excite me, like I’m pretty sure it did Nas when they were going head up to go at it with a legend.

*JOL,the way he pointing in this pic would give you an indication that in a battle this dude would be a BEAST!LOL*

Kimberly Renay:   Well alrightly then Mr. I Never Lost a Battle! *laughs* Wouldn’t that be a site to see you and Jay on the stage! Where is the craziest place that you have performed?

J.O.L.: The craziest place I’ve performed ..wow..I would have to say this place back in the day called the “normanclature” *not sure if spelling correct* but it is now Door 44 in the A…it was really strange how the stage was set up and I only remember 4 people being at that show and one guy was disabled in a wheelchair but he loved hip-hop so he “rolled” wit it!! ***hahahaha***…ALSO Bangkok,Thailand was an awesome experience..the people called me 50cent when I walked off the plane..I’m thinkin ..boi stop *big boi voice..I look nothing like dude!*laughs*

Kimberly Renay: Yea you look nothing like him, people people people!! *LOL*   Ok you know I have to ask this, when did you fall in love with Hip-Hop? *for all of my Brown Sugar fans out there…lol.*

J.O.L: I fell in love with hip-hop when I heard Rakim say “thought I was a donut you tried to glaze me”….I lost it! Like that was the 1st metaphor I remember hearing…the rest is history.

Kimberly Renay: Classic! And that is why Hip-Hop still lives, what new projects is J.O.L. working on?

J.O.L.:Right now I’m finishing up a goal I set on January 1st 2010 and that was too complete 100 songs or verses or hooks..whatever I breathe on..by the end of the year and give it away in the process…so far so good, I have “40 to go”..I know gotta turn it on right? I will trust me ….love pressure..also bout to release our 1st Passport Album and Dungeoneze Mix Tape Soon..my solo project will follow tentatively titled “Enuff is Enuff”.

*JOL, in deep thought!LOL*

Kimberly Renay:  Wow sounds like you set a tough goal for 2010, and it looks like you are going to hit the mark! Can’t wait to hear all 100 verses/hooks. Would you trade this talent for anything? If so, what would it be? 

J.O.L.: NO!, Next question! *laughs*

Kimberly Renay: Well alrighty then, with that being said, how can the readers get in touch with J.O.L.? 

J.O.L.: You can follow me on at www.twitter.com/jawzoflife  and on Facebook www.facebook.com/jawzoflife …MySpace is www.myspace.com/jawzoflife06 *if anybody still goes on there anymore! lol* And our new website for Passport is http://www.wearepassport.com!!

KimberlyRenay: Give us a few upcoming dates, I know that you have a line-up!

J.O.L.: *laughs* Oh yeah, I sure do, always have a show lined up. I will be rocking Sunday Oct 3 at Cloud 9..177 peters street. 7pm Apache Cafe Oct 5 10pm other locations tba….but if you follow me on twitter and Facebook you won’t miss the promo I promise! 😉

People, I can’t stress this enough, when you find your passion go with it. This man just said his craziest moment was performing in front of 4 people! How much dedication and courage does it take for one to do this? Now I can tell you that J.O.L. is no longer performing in front of 4 people, *lmbo* I have been to his shows, and he has a LARGE following of fans who loves his music, are very dedicated, and show up at ALL shows. This goes to show that as time goes on and you perfect your talent, you get to travel the world, *Bangkok* and touch other people with your gifts. Be who you are, and I guarantee you that people will learn to love who you are and what you have become. Are you chasing your dream or are you having recurring ‘nightmares’ about your future? Make it happen folks…another Tuesday and talent….