This is my prayer

Lately I have been feeling SOOO full of God and I see all that He has for me, it is overwhelming. It’s a good thing people….Why? Because I feel like, “man, if I see all of this, I know I am only seeing a glimpse of it, I KNOW what He has is waaaaay bigger than this!”*Because my mind can only think so big and God is much bigger, VERY exciting!* BUT!… the end of the day, my goal is to make sure that I am pleasing God EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Not just living this life in knowing that He has a reward for me, waiting in the distance, but with a purpose, because I deserve none of this! *life* Why else would I want to be here if this is all about roaming around this beautiful earth aimlessly? I wouldn’t want it. I have made some hard decisions in the last couple of months about my education, life, money, home, car, friends, family, and just being ME. Simply about my future, but my future in Christ. Some have liked the change, others have not. And those who love it are still here with me. But the major person who will NEVER leave me, NEVER lead me astray, and keep me at peace, EVEN when all around me is chaotic, is my FATHER in heaven! Take it or leave it people, but I live for an audience of One, and I’m so in love! *thankful for Him loving me back!*


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My prayer is that all of my dreams, thoughts, inspirations, hopes, and feelings about my future line up with what You have for me. I am so full of what You want me to do that I can only continue to pray that You continue to mold me to the woman you want me to be, mold my mind to what you want me to think, and send the right people in my life to help me get where you want me to be. *Thinking, I might make sense to some of you, others it may seem like I am rambling, but if you only knew the vision He put in me!!! WOW….and all of this is to show HIM approved NOT me! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!* I am praying this prayer because I am ready to make some SERIOUS moves to what I see, and my moves are not made without You! I know You will do it Lord! I see that you are setting me up and I am ready for the first move…..LET’S GET IT!!! 🙂


*Thank you for reading and sharing in my special moment with Him!*

Kimberly Renay