LuXe is back at it!!!

So I had the chance to attend ANOTHER LuXe Lifestyle event this weekend, and people, I am TELLING YOU, this group of masterminds are frickin’ geniuses! This time around the ladies planned and executed a BEAUTIFUL baby shower. I am SURE that the new bundle of joy was kicking his mommy because she was excited about the decor and attention to detail in the entire venue. Here are a few ooooo’s and aaaaahhhh’s:

All of the nation has been waiting on LuXe Lifestyles next jewelry event and it is coming soon….drum roll please…..IT’S OCTOBER 16, 2010!!!! And the crowd goes wild!!!

This is an exciting time ladies AND gents! It is official it is happening Saturday October 16, 2010 at 5pm. LuXe Lifestyles presents an EXCLUSIVE jewelry party and pieces will be available for purchase with prices starting attractively at $10.00!! LuXe promises that there is a piece for every taste and every budget. Cash and credit cards will be accepted. Please set up your free PayPal account at at least a week in advance if you plan to use plastic!! You are more than welcomed to bring a guest however, please be sure to RSVP. You can RSVP by emailing and you will receive a reply with the LuXe Lounge location! 😉

You guys have been waiting for this and here is the opportunity to do some damage on a budget!!


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