I know…I know….

Grad school is a BEAST!!! MAN….this is why I wasn’t able to post much this week…but we all know that I am dedicated to giving you at least a morsel of enlightenment for the day or week…whatever your dosage, here it is.

1 word…1 syllable.


This 1 word can make you a mess over time. Makes you think about where you are in life right now. Give you the creeps just thinking about making another step to possible failure. BUT, with growth comes understanding that your previous step was on shaky ground and to try again.  Well,  I am here to say that trying again is not all that easy after you may have taken a pretty hard fall. But what comes with getting back up again is the knowledge and understanding to create an atmosphere of yet again, yea you got it, growth. And with growth, pride begins to shed of the things that are scary to you, other people seeing you fail or you admitting to your insecurities and failures, because we are all supposed to have it together right? NEGATIVE! Who told you that lie? It takes time to be where you want to be in life, and without self-awareness and strength to continue to get up after your last fall, you will only take more time to get where you really want to go. So why not learn and give-up the pride and take one step at a time to be at that finish line?

I know you are saying that this chick is out of her mind. It is scary for other people seeing me *wide open*, not happening. Well why are we here? To make the same mistakes over and over again? To be so self absorbed that you fail to share your success story with someone else about how you were able to get past all of the clutter in your life? Believe it or not and this may be cliche to you, but sharing your success with another person actually gets them to see where they may always wanted to be. I have learned my lesson personally in not sharing all of the failures AND successes that I have had thus far in life. It frees me of my insecurities and it helps someone else to do the same, no matter if they are a friend or a stranger in passing.Your words are powerful and means something to someone, no matter if you failed or succeeded along to way, someone wants that same slither of hope that you had that got you where you are.

SO I have placed these words in the air and created a positive atmosphere for you to begin to let go of what fears you in life. Are you going to continue to read these post and be passive or are you going to be active and do something about your future? Perhaps grow a little? Or be fearful and shrink back down to size? The power is yours!!! *First person to tell me where that last line is from gets a prize!!! :)*

*GROW my darling! My new friend that continues to GROW, not shrink in size!*


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marisa
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 12:42:36

    Well, I’m glad you are putting your thoughts out there. It makes me feel like I’m not alone and gives me that extra push I need to overcome some of my fears.


  2. minilaptop410
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 23:49:13

    I’m gonna guess and say that the last line is from a movie, I can’t tell you which movie though. Is that worth at least half of a prize? lol.


  3. minilaptop410
    Oct 01, 2010 @ 08:28:53

    Ahh I hated captain planet when I was a kid lol. I still know the theme song though.


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