Calling all ladies!!!…Join the I AM BEAUTIFUL CAMPAIGN!

I am sooooooo feeling this campaign, so much so that I had to blast it on my blog! The ladies at Hermosa Cosmetics, *remember Yolanda who beats up the faces in the previous post? Yeah her company!* are hosting a ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL’ campaign which will spotlight women, EVERYDAY women, who capture beauty beyond what mainstream media defines. I had a chance to catch up to the busy bee Yolanda again to explain a bit more about the campaign:

We at Hermosa Cosmetics think that beauty comes from within. Our slogan is to “Unleash the Beauty Within.” It is self-explanatory. Beauty does not have to be seen as perfection. Beauty genuinely is the smile that shows up on your face. We are looking for women who can display the true meaning of beautiful. In a 120 or less word essay, describe what makes you or the woman you are submitting beautiful. This is not the most prettiest contest. This is the most beautiful contest. It could be a person who gives outstanding community service or a woman who passes you ever day and gives you an encouraging word. We are looking for everyday women who have over come adversity and are simply beautiful from the inside out. Submit all entries to With this submission include the Name, D.O.B, Address, and Job Title if applicable. We will have a casting call for all ladies who have sent in an essay (at a specific hotel TBA). If you did not send in an essay you will be denied entry into the casting.

Hermosa will be choosing 10 ladies to be the I AM BEAUTIFUL face of HERMOSA COSMETICS. Each woman will have a high fashion photo shoot, full makeovers including hair, makeup and wardrobe from exclusive stores and boutiques. All contestants will participate in the I AM BEAUTIFUL pageant. This is a fun filled event that will have prizes and gifts for 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners. 15% of the proceeds from the pageant will go to a charity of choice that helps support women and children. I hope that you will take the time to find the beauty within and give yourself or someone you know the treat of being pampered and feeling wonderful!

Deadline for all entries is 1/15/2011! *i.e. MORE than enough time to submit!*

I am so on board with this…why? Because it is a postive initiative to engage the community in viewing women simply as who we are, NOT what we SHOULD be, according to the media’s standards. It is exciting, new, fresh, and wonderful to be apart of making this event happen! I will be entering a few of my friends who deserve a day of papmering, just because they are beautiful! I hope that you ALL jump on board with making this pagent and day of papmering happen for women we all love! *HINT HINT: this would be a GREAT way to honor a woman you love for mother’s day or just to find a way to express your love* GET TO WRITING IN PEOPLE!!! 🙂


LuXe is back at it!!!

So I had the chance to attend ANOTHER LuXe Lifestyle event this weekend, and people, I am TELLING YOU, this group of masterminds are frickin’ geniuses! This time around the ladies planned and executed a BEAUTIFUL baby shower. I am SURE that the new bundle of joy was kicking his mommy because she was excited about the decor and attention to detail in the entire venue. Here are a few ooooo’s and aaaaahhhh’s:

All of the nation has been waiting on LuXe Lifestyles next jewelry event and it is coming soon….drum roll please…..IT’S OCTOBER 16, 2010!!!! And the crowd goes wild!!!

This is an exciting time ladies AND gents! It is official it is happening Saturday October 16, 2010 at 5pm. LuXe Lifestyles presents an EXCLUSIVE jewelry party and pieces will be available for purchase with prices starting attractively at $10.00!! LuXe promises that there is a piece for every taste and every budget. Cash and credit cards will be accepted. Please set up your free PayPal account at at least a week in advance if you plan to use plastic!! You are more than welcomed to bring a guest however, please be sure to RSVP. You can RSVP by emailing and you will receive a reply with the LuXe Lounge location! 😉

You guys have been waiting for this and here is the opportunity to do some damage on a budget!!

I know…I know….

Grad school is a BEAST!!! MAN….this is why I wasn’t able to post much this week…but we all know that I am dedicated to giving you at least a morsel of enlightenment for the day or week…whatever your dosage, here it is.

1 word…1 syllable.


This 1 word can make you a mess over time. Makes you think about where you are in life right now. Give you the creeps just thinking about making another step to possible failure. BUT, with growth comes understanding that your previous step was on shaky ground and to try again.  Well,  I am here to say that trying again is not all that easy after you may have taken a pretty hard fall. But what comes with getting back up again is the knowledge and understanding to create an atmosphere of yet again, yea you got it, growth. And with growth, pride begins to shed of the things that are scary to you, other people seeing you fail or you admitting to your insecurities and failures, because we are all supposed to have it together right? NEGATIVE! Who told you that lie? It takes time to be where you want to be in life, and without self-awareness and strength to continue to get up after your last fall, you will only take more time to get where you really want to go. So why not learn and give-up the pride and take one step at a time to be at that finish line?

I know you are saying that this chick is out of her mind. It is scary for other people seeing me *wide open*, not happening. Well why are we here? To make the same mistakes over and over again? To be so self absorbed that you fail to share your success story with someone else about how you were able to get past all of the clutter in your life? Believe it or not and this may be cliche to you, but sharing your success with another person actually gets them to see where they may always wanted to be. I have learned my lesson personally in not sharing all of the failures AND successes that I have had thus far in life. It frees me of my insecurities and it helps someone else to do the same, no matter if they are a friend or a stranger in passing.Your words are powerful and means something to someone, no matter if you failed or succeeded along to way, someone wants that same slither of hope that you had that got you where you are.

SO I have placed these words in the air and created a positive atmosphere for you to begin to let go of what fears you in life. Are you going to continue to read these post and be passive or are you going to be active and do something about your future? Perhaps grow a little? Or be fearful and shrink back down to size? The power is yours!!! *First person to tell me where that last line is from gets a prize!!! :)*

*GROW my darling! My new friend that continues to GROW, not shrink in size!*