Waiting for the perfect conditions…..

…is NOT what you should be doing! You know I must say that I have fallen prey to this thought, feeling, action….whatever you want to call it through my life….but it is a new day! What am I talking about? Your talents and purpose. Have you been waiting for the right time for all of the ideas about your future of being better than your mother and father or the ideas that you don’t tell anyone about because you think no one will listen or buy into your ‘hype’ or the dreams that you have when you see yourself living a life without worry and just being who you KNOW you can be, come true? Well, why wait? *get a snickers* lol…I had to…But in all seriousness, what’s the wait for?

It does not take much you know to actually JUST DO what you have always had the desire to do. It’s like walking with one foot in front of the other….yea like that. It reads in Ecclesiastes 11:4 “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” (NLT) I didn’t say that….God did!

I said all of this to say, I have gotten so much talk lately about people who have all of these great ideas and talents that I NEVER thought reigned so passionately inside of them, and they are waiting for a miracle to drop out of the sky. Or better yet simple things such as, a better business card, a ‘hot’ website, or more importantly of course, money to ‘do what God has told them to do.’ Think about it, if God gave you a passion and drive to be good at making greeting cards, do you think that He won’t give you the means somehow it make it work? It does not take a fortune to do what God wants you to do. There are many ways to get your talents/purpose exposed *i.e. WordPress* without having a bank full of cash.

So again, I ask that you think about this, why are you waiting for the perfect conditions? My pastor just said this, ‘life is a temporary assignment,’ and we don’t have that much time to waste on thinking about jumping into the double dutch ropes, so to speak, to get excited about life. God gives you a purpose to fulfill and it is up to you to infect others with what God has given you or you will never be satisfied in life. Think about that. We are not here just to take up space. Your stage of success is looking bright to me, the curtains are drawn and there is ONE person waiting for you….so what are you going to do ‘use it or loose it?’

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  1. Marisa
    Aug 30, 2010 @ 13:41:00

    I was just thinking these things myself over the weekend. Life IS a temporary assignment and I just keep waiting on the perfect time, perfect body, perfect home, perfect everything……and the time is NOW! Thanks for the motivation!


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